The Mac’s New, Used and Abused Slogan


Another name that we are known locally for here in Franklin, KY is Mac’s New, Used and Abused. This slogan stuck very quickly early on and to this day people come in the doors saying it.


The History of this slogan started back with Donald McDonald in 1988 when the company was established. Don (a.ka. MAC) worked in the food service industry for over 25 years before start Mac’s and learned that there are plenty of customers who need a “deal” when starting their dream restaurant. Because of this, he started buying and selling used restaurant equipment all over Bowling Green, Franklin, Scottsville and surrounding areas.

New Restaurant Equipment

This is pretty much self explanatory. In short, buying new equipment is recommended if you can do it. You will be the first time user of it, and it comes with 2-5 year parts warranties.

Used Restaurant Equipment

We usually reserve this category for our lightly used equipment. For example, if a restaurant buys a new piece of equipment from us such as an ice maker. Then as the restaurant grows and needs a much larger one, we can (in most cases) take back the old one and sell them another larger ice maker. The year old ice maker that we get back is then reviewed by one of our qualified service technicians and sold at a discount.

Abused Restaurant Equipment

First and foremost, this is not equipment that is so destroyed that it does not work! What we mean by “abused restaurant equipment” is that it has been well used for many years. Usually 10 or more. It is older used equipment that is still able to be operational. These ovens, ranges, ice makers, etc. simply need to be overhauled and completely looked over and have old parts replaced with new versions before they can be sold again and get another good 15+ years out of it! If you are looking for a great deal or cheap restaurant equipment you can’t go wrong here.

Used and Abused Warranty

We offer a 30 day warranty on pretty much all of our used equipment. Also, if you are local or within a reasonable driving distance from Franklin, KY we will come service the equipment in the event that it needs repair.


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